The 30th random act of kindness

30. Bring a person a souvenir on your next vacation

There is peopel who are in our lives all the time.

Every time we go on vacation we see all of these little knick knacs and we know people who would love them.

I know if I go out-of-town to go speak at a conference or to a group…if i find a giraffe with the name of the city…my daughter will be over the moon if i get that for her.

A little memento from your far off trip…no matter how far off it is…is a great little gift. It also reminds others that you thought of them when you were gone.

This works really well for a coworker, a person you’re trying to be nice to,  or a very very lonely person.

Go, travel, but remember to bring something back to brighten someone’s day.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts…keep the acts, comments, pictures, and video coming!


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29 posts of random acts of kindness

29. Help out at a children’s hospital

There are so many jobs at a children’s hospital. Even if all you do is play cards for one of the kids on the dialysis unit.

Think about it…some of these kids have to sit in a chair with 2 needles hanging out of their arm and they can’t fidget, move, or do anything. What if you just went in and played go fish a few hours?  how great that would be to one kid.

There are a lot fo cancer patients that will never go home, and the hospital is home. All they want is someone who isn’t busy to play with them.

How about just reading to a group of kids on chemo who can’t move because they don’t want to throw up anymore.

There is so much you can do for these kids!


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28 posts of random acts of kindness.


28. Be a good listener.

People do not just speak to speak…contrary to popular belief. Everyone speaks to be heard. They speak to convey an emotion through words, and make sense of the world around them.

Your job as a listener is to listen to them with an open ear and an open mind. You should not be texting. You should not be talking to someone else. You should not be on the web. You should be listening to that one person speaking and listen to what they have to say.

You should also listen with out judgement. If the person is taking the time out of their life to listen to you, they have decided that they can truly trust you. If you are this person to someone…that’s amazing! Do not take this lightly.



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And then 27….


27. Alert someone or have someone paged who has left their headlights on.

We’ve all done it!  We’ve come out of the store and there sitting in the parking spot is your car with very very dim headlights and you know those lights have been on the whole time. You get into the car and immediately turn off the lights. You turn the key and all you hear is…click and your windshield wipers attempt to wipe but there’s nothing left tin your battery and …they stop midway up your windscreen.

I do everything I can to help people with their headlights. I even tell people their automatic lights haven’t gone out…but they always assure me they will.


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As my April of kindness comes to an end…let me tell you how wonderful it has been to see all of the kind things people are doing. We’re actually making an awesome presence in the movement of kindness.

26. Send flowers to someone

Getting flowers is amazing.

Getting flowers where you work, or shop, etc is even cooler.

The mere fact that someone took a moment to pick out a bouquet and actually send it to you is a feat in itself.  It’s a token of kindness and gratitude that surpasses many others. Flowers is something even cooler than money!  Flowers just say…I totally wanted to give you these because I felt like making your day better….I want you to have a good day.

Are you going to send flowers to anybody today?

Have you sent anyone flowers this month?   I have.

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25…Random Act of Kindness

25. Do something nice to someone you don’t like

One of the most amazing things anyone can do is to treat ALL people kind and with kindness!

Remember, we all do things to make ourselves happy and serene. Some people have not been taught the same things you have. It’s possible that the person you don’t like was actually taught to be that way,. and knows no other way….even if it appears they do.

It’s one of the hardest things to teach, show, or do. However, when you do something nice to someone you don’t like, you find out more about that person. When you find out more about a person, you realize the reason you don’t like the person is based on a perception that comes from a place in your life where you aren’t now.

Do something everyday to treat someone nice. No matter why you’re upset with someone…try to be kind to everyone.


We can all get along fine…as long as we all accept all people.


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Burts bees earth day comment

Sometimes there comes a video that brings it altogether.

This video has brought it altogether for me. The natural world has given, lent, and been depleted by the human community….let us stop and remember all that it has done!

This musical tribute allows us to be happy that nature is there, and be refreshed with how awesome nature really is!

What did you do for earth day?


April 24…Random Act of Kindness

24. Take up a drive for your local Domestic Violence Shelter

Domestic Violence kills and affects more people than most cancers.

Every year over 1 million (1,000,000) people are abused by people who say they love them every year in the United States. It’s horrible and a disgrace on a society that prides love, peace, and happiness.

Talk to your local shelter and ask what products they need. Put the info on facebook and talk to everyone you know. A few things from each person can help immensely!

It’s very possible that someone right there in your neighborhood and community has needed help and shelter in a domestic violence shelter.


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23 Random Acts of Kindness

23. Bring your coworkers lunch or breakfast.

Happy April 23!!!!

For most people, they spend more hours with their coworkers than their family. It’s 8-9 hours a day with these people…why wouldn’t you treat them with some special kindness? Why wouldn’t they fall into that random act of kindness world?  of course they would!

Many of the bagel shops have a special of a dozen donuts or bagels and coffee….everyone can find something they like.

I’ll never forget working in an office and cussing the fact that I was running late and forgot to eat breakfast. When my coworker brought in bagels it was like a god send and the office talked about it for weeks after that.


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A message for ALL!!

What a beautiful message.

Can we truly offer all people The Gift of Acceptance?

What are you doing to bring this message out to all people?