April 1st…random acts of kindness month!

Today is April 1st.

While people are randomly pranking people….I’d like to randomly (kind of) motivate people to do awesome kind things for complete strangers.

Why don’t we treat everyone we come in contact with better?  Why can’t we just show all the people around us some gratitude and love?

Is it that we forget that these people are human beings?  That these people around us have more in common with ourselves than things that are different. We are all going through t he same struggles, the same dramas, and the same problems. Some people have it worse than others, but tha’s always a matter of perspective.

You know you’d love someone to do something nice for you just out of the blue….Everyone would. Why not do something and be that person who does something kind for someone.

Each day of April, I’m going to post 1 thing, an example if you will, of a random act of kindness you can do.

Your job…Write a comment, tag or put on a picture on your blog, or a video of you doing a random act.

Together we can show how an entire internet community can show that we can do some wonderful acts of kindness and create a community of kindness, acceptance, and love for everyone.

To start it off: This video is an example of what a world where everyone helped everyone else might look like….


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