Random act of kindness…#2

2. Pay for the person behind you on a toll road or parking garage.

Most of the time these toll roads are maybe a quarter or fifty cents. If you just tell the guy you’re paying for the next person…they do it.

I was fortunate enough to come upon this piece of kindness. And it so happened that when I got to the booth after creating a story for why I had no change, the guy nicely waved me through and said the guy ahead of me paid for me. What a relief and how warm and bubbly I felt. To think, this guy helped me, a perfect stranger, on a day I needed it.

I’ve actually dropped a $5 bill on a quarter toll and told him to pay for everyone till the money ran out. I asked him to text me or call me when it ran out and how many people it turned out to be. When he called me he was so happy…he was bubbling out all of the happy remarks and guu faws that he was able to see that day. He thanked me for making his day and a lot of other people’s’.


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