6th Random act of kindness


6. Find a person asking for money to eat and treat them to dinner.

When you’re driving down the road and you see someone asking for food…that’s a lot different from asking for change. asking for change is something anyone can do…asking for food is the last effort of starvation.

Next time you see someone like this, buy them a burger at a fast food place. Ask them what they’d like at a fast food place and go buy it for them. If you’re the type of person who has food in their car, reach out and give them some.

I was driving one day and I saw someone with a sign that said – “I’m hungry. I just want some food.”  I slowed down and game him a packet of ramen noodles. I drove back a minute later because I was meeting someone to discuss a motivational talk, but the person had to cancel at the last moment. When I drove back, the man and his wife had sat down and were nibbling and eating on my pack of ramen noodles. I had some cans that I was taking down to a food bank, but I knew they needed this stuff. Their story could happen to any of us, but I gave them cans of food, packets of ramen, and a few boxes of mac and chz.

I still get thank you cards from this couple who are now off of the street.


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