Gas prices rising…good!

Yes, it is a fact that gas prices are rising…or are on the rise.

A lot of people are crying and complaining!  I offer a solution!

Let’s change the status quo and change the world.  What, you’ve heard me say this before…of course you have.

Instead of complaining let’s do something about this. I’m not saying boycott…I’m saying CHANGE NORMAL!!!

When the gas prices started to go up a few years ago, everyone responded as soon as it happened. The first thing they did was to come up with an alternate to gas and in came the hybrid technology. Then people begin using cooking oil(What an awesome world-changing idea). Then all of a sudden everyone wants to make hybrid cars and electric cars. See what’s happening, we’re changing and coming up with solutions.

But as soon as the gas prices drop, we go back to our complacent lives and stop the forward momentum.

We have the ability right now to have electric cars and free charging stations – they’re already doing in all over the world.

why stop there?  There are other ways we can make cars. Play with the gear ratios and no doubt pedal cars can go pretty fast. We have the ability to change the way we as a nation or we as a world see modes of transportation.

I guarantee the more the gas prices rise, the more people will be influenced and motivated to create better and more efficient ways of powering our vehicles.

So do something about it!

What are you doing to change the world?

What are you doing to change the NORMAL?

Join me and create a more positive world without these problems!




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