Luck number 13..Random ct of Kindness

Remember….send me your comments and posts of what Random Acts of Kindness you’ve been up to.


13. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.

This is a big one.

Every one of us…I don’t care who you are, has had someone in their life that has made a difference in their life. Be it a teacher, a parent, or just a trusted adult. A fellow motivational Speaker and Author, Chad Foster, constantly publicly thanks a tennis coach at a camp for taking the time to change his life.

This isn’t talking about friending them on facebook, or sending out an e-mail to a person you think might be to person. NO! I’m talking about taking a pen or pencil in hand and actually putting that pen or pencil to paper.

This will do so much for you and them.

Check out my website: Motivating For Positive Change


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