My Voice t-shirts

Ok, so I’m walking around a festival called Paws Fest, a festival for dogs and dog lovers. Actually, it’s for animal lovers, but most fo the stuff is specifically for dogs.

As I wonder around the many many booths and pet hundreds of awesome dogs…I begin wishing there was some representative that was talking about animal rights.

Suddenly I walked into the “my voice” tent.  I was so very impressed. When you are looking to voice your opinion on animal rights, you want to say it loud and proud. Kelli, from My Voice has done just that. Instead of yelling, we can wear the t-shirts, carry water bottles, and even our pups and if you can get it on your cat, can wear it.

Kelli is doing what my motivational speaking has asked everyone to do….Find your passion and do something to change the world!  How Cool!  Kelli looked around and saw that there was a problem and created shirts so that we can bring a voice to the animals that are being harmed in circus’, puppy mills, and a number of other horrible ways we’re killing animals.

Kelli decided to be their voice.

In Sadie and Bella’s(Kelli and her husbands pups)  own words on

“We were lucky enough to be given a second chance and now it’s our turn to help our animal friends live the best life they can. By purchasing our products you can be a voice for animals! And 50% of our profits will be given back to organizations committed to making animals’ lives better. By raising awareness and giving back we hope to give all of our friends the second chance we were given.”


Let’s right readers…you read that right…50% of the profits go back to organizations committed to making animals lives better. How great is that?  How much better could this get?  We can only wait and see.

Thank You Kelli….keep up the work.

Are you doing something to help the world?

Do yu have a company that is helping the world be a better place?





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