World Peace

World Peace

World Peace

What a simple idea. We have raised our voice in one moment and time and said…please let us have World peace.

World Peace

World Peace

There have been so many…so many wars, fires, destruction by numerous devices and methods. When these atrocities reach a head…everyone stops. Just like children when their mother yells at them finally for not listening.

A hush goes through the world…..

World Peace

World Peace

A great Tribal King is killed, and the land dispute now seems trivial.

A kingdom and hundreds of thousands of people are extingueshed because of a feud.

A mushroom cloud appears like never before, and rips open the atom and half of Japan.

Millions of people are exterminated like vermon.

Two large buildings are dropped with 2 planes…for multiple reasons it seems.

We hold our breath. We stop the knot that is caught in our throat. We accept the world is simply…that way. We justify it by saying that the world is just a bad place.  We fear the world, and everyone in it.

Then we watch the news and it justifies our fears and concerns.

World Peace

World Peace

Sometimes after those moments of great ahhh in the planet’s inhabitants, everyone wakes up and starts being NICE, KIND, and RESPECTFUL. Wow!  It’s like a giving and happy utopia. As per my normal way of doing things, I give blood whenever a message comes on that say you should give blood….an odd “fate” will decide when my blood is needed. I had to set an apointment for this donation…well I get there on Sep 12, 2001…and there is a line out the door of the Blood Services building that wrapped around the entire building twice.

A tear wells up just thinking about it.

World Peace

World Peace

Look at the joy, the “christmas spirit”, the happiness that is all over during Christmas time. Why couldn’t that feeling, that happiness, that giving feeling, that wonderment be preswent all year long.

So what do we do to promote this?  We write blogs and comment on blogs and spread peace through a blog. We also do it in anyway that comes to us.

For me…..I took out my chalk and drew our planet and world peace. These are pictures that are on this blog. And…everyone who drove by saw it, and maybe just maybe, they talked about it to the people in their house. And maybe….they taught their children and their family how beautiful world peace could be…then maybe a person knows a person, and that person is in the government…and maybe the world tries this crazy new approach called nonviolence and equality.

What things, even little things like a chalk drawing, are you doing to promote world peace.

Make it bigger, and involve more people…..You’re now part of a movement my friend.  Welcome!




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