The 30th random act of kindness

30. Bring a person a souvenir on your next vacation

There is peopel who are in our lives all the time.

Every time we go on vacation we see all of these little knick knacs and we know people who would love them.

I know if I go out-of-town to go speak at a conference or to a group…if i find a giraffe with the name of the city…my daughter will be over the moon if i get that for her.

A little memento from your far off trip…no matter how far off it is…is a great little gift. It also reminds others that you thought of them when you were gone.

This works really well for a coworker, a person you’re trying to be nice to,  or a very very lonely person.

Go, travel, but remember to bring something back to brighten someone’s day.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts…keep the acts, comments, pictures, and video coming!


Please go to my website: Chad R. Herman…Motivational Sopeaker/Visionary!!


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