We are one human family!

There are many people who have said amazing things about being on human family.

Can we actually achieve this…of course we can. Why not?

How are we going to do it?

By accepting all people as our family. But wait…how many of us get along with our family?

And there’s the problem!

Let’s first start with us.

1. Learn to accept you for who you are.  You are beautiful and amazing and awesome….you just have to realize it. What you don’t like about yourself, change (if possible). If it’s impossible to change, accept it. We must learn acceptance first and foremost! We must accept the hair we might not like (doing something else might destroy it). i had a friend that hated her “nappy kinky hair”. I told her, just love it. She laughed at me. i told her to pick it out till it was the biggest, nappiest, hair she had ever seen…then walk down the road and see how many compliments you get on it. When she did, she met her husband….who loves her hair, and who she is!  When we begin acting REAL, we begin being us.

2. Accept your family. i know, you didn’t choose them. I know, they came with the whole being born thing. We’re never perfect and neither are they. PERIOD!  They did things to you…so! (That’s the past). They wouldn’t let you do this or that. They stopped you from being this way or that way. Because of them, they emotional scarred you. Join the club. I always say the worse thing that can happen to a kid is their parents. lol

They did their best.  They did what they thought was good. We don’t have a “how to…” book about being a parent, a sibling, or part of a family. Get over the past. Get over your hang ups….and start accepting. You are living right now, don’t dredge up what has already happened.

3 Wow…we’re accepting aren’t we?

So let’s start bringing this out!  Now is the time to start accepting all of your friends. The cool thing about your friends, you can decide to keep them or not. But….remember, you must accept them for who they are, even if they are going in a direction you can’t go. I have a great friend. She is a lovely spiritual person, but she has got into her religion way more than I can be part of. Every conversation is her religion, her church, her pastor, etc. There is no more “her”, now it’s just “her faith”. when I brought this up..I was confronted with only anger. I accepted her, loved her, and told her I supported what she was doing. But…I’m not that religious and not in your faith. As she has moved on and become a driving force in her church, I’m proud of her. But now she’s just a “facebook friend”.

4. After this….everyone.

We are one human family and we always will be.

Look for the similarities in our worlds, rather than the differences.

Love all.

Be all.

By the way, tell me….do you see our world as one human family…why/why not?




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