Just be nice

I was talking with my daughter….she’s 11.

I was talking with my daughter about being nonviolent.

She stopped me and said…You know how you talk about being nonviolent and stopping domestic violence and all?

I said, “Yes.”

“Why don’t you just tell people to be nice?” She asked.

I explained in my grand adult wisdom, “Well honey, there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what “nice” is. They’ve been told horrible things, and actr these things out all the time. They have been taught that violenc eis the only way. So, it’s a little more complicated than that.”

It went longer, because I’m a speaker…I speak for a living.

She listened patiently, more patient than any adult I know, and then said:

“Why don’t you just hand out the definition of what “nice” is. Why not just explain how to “be nice”?

I was speechless.

Why don’t we?

Why aren’t we nice to people?