Women helping women

In a new turn of events….many of the women in Lebanon, Dubail, and int he city of Arbil are standing up against the patriarchy that is trying to over power them.

Many of the modern taxis refuse to pick up women….a new comment on the war on women, but it is not new for this region.

So…women such as Lana Khoshabaan has recently started an all-women taxi firm.This is not only helping women get from one place to another, but also protecting women from verbal, sexual, and physical assaults by taxi drivers and men in general.

This is yet another example of people who have seen problems and situations in their day to day life that can be corrected. That can be reinvented. Indecencies that have the ability to not only be overcome, but changed.

Not only have they become business owners, they have also become role models. They are showing the women of their cities and towns that there is more that women can do than lay down tot eh abusive patriarchy. What a great lesson for all girls and women to hear!

These women are changing the world for the positive…

What could you do right now to change your world…no matter how small?

Save the oceans and all of the water

I came home a there was a moat in front of my house. I looked down the block and found that someone was cleaning off their driveway. I thought to myself…how different that action would be if they had to pump that water themselves.

One of my kids came up and said…that’s a lot of wasted water. I agreed.

Then she said…don’t they realize that the water isn’t going to last forever? I couldn’t answer that question…who knows what that person down the block is thinking.

So the young lady promptly walked into the house and  made this poster.

“The Ocean is Big and Blue, So {we have to } save it too.

What are you doing to help?