Look at this great post that truly needs to be read to see the problems that are going on in so many parts of our world.

Go turn on your spiket, your faucet and marvel at the fresh water flowing out. And think…there are so many who would simply love a drink…because the rancid water they are usually drinking is now causing them to get sick.


Happy day to all mothers…no matter what day you read this on!

There was a couple who wanted to make a cake.

She got everything ready, and gathered up 1/2 the ingredients she needed. Her boyfriend walked in and gave her the rest of the ingredients.

Now, this couple did not have all of the modern conveniences so there was still a lot of work to do. It would also take a longer time to bake this cake.

The woman added all the ingredients together, with the help of her boyfriend. He left and decided there were some things that needed to be done while she was doing that. She mixed and mixed the ingredients. Then she prepared the oven with everything that she would need to complete this cake. However, she had to do other things as well…so she only worked on this cake a bit at a time.

After a few days…she produced a beautiful cake.

She then frosted and decorated it.  She had a cake!

This is a story of making a baby.

This is the reason it is so amazing and why women should be revered so much.

Not only do they mix and incubate a human being, they create the life the human needs. To me-this is amazing.

So when you see a crying baby in the store or restaurant, walk up to the woman and thank her for bringing in another human being who has the ability to make the world better.

Thanks MOM!