Not been here for a bit….sorry

Hello everyone.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I haven’t been writing much on the blog lately.


The point of this blog, and always has been, is to promote and create a unified world of peace and world change.

Change for the positive.

Change in the way we deal with one another. (Because violence and destruction is just plain wrong!)

Change is the way we see the world. (It needs our help…It’s our home.)

Change in the way we see all things so that the everyone lives in a more harmonious way.

My dream: Every person discovers their talent and uses their talent to somehow help the world and help change it to a more respectful, hospitable, and happier place.

My goal as a motivational speaker, and the reason I created Motivating For Positive Change, is to change the way people see the things we consider as “normal” and see them as an opportunity to change the social fabric we live in on a day to day basis. Change it to a more peaceful, harmonious way of doing things.

For example:

I live on a block where everyone puts out their garbage cans on the same day. Some of us get home before others, sometimes not. So when I get home I walk up the block and put everyone’s garbage cans back. Many times people have asked why I am doing that and I explain that it’s the right thing to do to help people out. Now….everyone on my block and the next two blocks, help everyone with bringing in their garbage. It’s 2 minutes out of my day, but it has brought the block and our small little micro-community together.

My next step was to identify people who are struggling because of our economy. Turns out there are 3 families and 2 seniors that are truly struggling with mortgage and all the other bills. So I invited them to use our garbage can so at least they could eliminate 1 bill. Well, other families have done the same thing and now we have community sharing of garbage, food, lawn services, etc.

All this just by doing some nice things and helping people out.

This is what I talk about in my motivational speeches.

We can change the way the world works. Everyone wants the world to be less violent and more helping of eachother. We can do this together.

Together with this blog and the facebook (same name as the blog) and my speeches and constant talking…we can change this world for the better.

I hope you enjoy all the upcoming blogs and facebook posts.

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