Before Disney…

My name is Chad Herman…What if i said do you want to go to Hermanland.  You’d laugh at me.

My partner’s last name is Julien….What if I said do you want to go to Julien? Again, you’d laugh at me.

But..if i said do you want to go to Disney…you’d know exactly what I was talking about. But there was a time when Disneyland and Disney World were only thoughts…..

Right now I have a thought….

Right now i have an imaginary place I’m working towards….

A place where there is no abuse.

A place where everyone has enough to eat.

A place where people care about the earth, and aren’t trying to hurt it.

A place where our carbon footprint is very very little.

A fantasy….some would say.

Well imagine what people said to Walt when they arrived here:

Welcome to Disneyland:


Now imagine if I said that this idea can take over the world.

This idea that everyone treats each other right, and we help the animals and the kids to be better than they are now.

A place where people look after eachother, and nonviolence is a reality.

A place where alternative fuels and biotechnology has helped us eliminate global warming and increased our life with better foods.

We no longer kill people, instead we educate and work together to enhance all people.

Yes, this seems crazy to some.

But didn’t people think that Walt was crazy when they saw this:

Welcome to Disney world:

Yes, what we are trying to accomplish in our society, our community, and our neighborhoods does seem crazy to many.

But if a last name can become synonymous with amusement parks, mics, dogs, and movies….then couldn’t we create a reality where the ideas of patience, tolerance, working together, and loving one another is normal?

I know we can.

I know we have the ability to create a society that is beautiful

Everything you do to enact some sort of positive change is one step closer tot his reality.

Thank you for helping this change along.

We can change the world….we can create a difference. We will enact positive change in our world.


Inspiration NOW!!!

I write on this blog and hope that these words will inspire and someone will read them and say….

YES!  That is something I can do!


YES! I can do something like that and I’ve found my calling and their name becomes synonymous with a charity, a good thing, or a change that is made.

When we all choose to change in a positive way amazing things happen.

Ask Steve Jobs, ask Bill Gates, Ask Ghandi, Ask Nancy Brinker, or the many other people who decided to take on a cause and have made the cause a highlight of our world….and that cause is changing the world for the better.

We can all do this!

When we create a new world…it’s hard.

There is no blueprint. There are no directions.

There is only your imagination and the ability to make your vision real!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


What is the Universal Declaration of Human rights? 

In the late 1940’s there were crimes of epic and biblical proportion and the world was reeling from the atrocities.

Everyone looked at the Nazi death camps and knew something had to be done!  Something!

But what laws did they break?  They did everythign they were suppose to according tot he laws odf their country.

But there should be certain laws of humanity.

When the UN was created they decided this was their first set of laws and they created a commision of Human rights to establish them.

The Commission on Human Rights was made up of 18 members from various political, cultural and religious backgrounds. Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, chaired the UDHR drafting committee. With her were René Cassin of France, who composed the first draft of the Declaration, the Committee Rapporteur Charles Malik of Lebanon, Vice-Chairman Peng Chung Chang of China, and John Humphrey of Canada, Director of the UN’s Human Rights Division, who prepared the Declaration’s blueprint. But Mrs. Roosevelt was recognized as the driving force for the Declaration’s adoption.

I lay out here the basics of this declaration. This is what the UN believes every country should provide for their people:

1. Freedom of discrimination and oppressions. The right to be treated equally.

2. Political Rights – Freedom of speech, and allegiance to governments

3. Economic rights – All economics should be managed to meet the needs of ALL people.

4. Social rights – All people have the right to food, shelter, health, and education

 5. Cultural Rights – All people have the right to practice any culture and language  they believe in. Freedom of religion or lack thereof.

6. Environmental Rights – All people have the right to clean air and a clean earth

7. Developmental rights – All people have the right to resources that will aid in their development as a people and as a person, including natural resources such as water and food.

8. Sexual rights – All people have the right to control their own bodies concerning life, death, and reproduction.


Let us share, enact, and strive to have the world live by these rights.


Following the creation of this historic docuiment the Assembly called upon all Member countries of the UN to publicize the text of the Declaration and “to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories.

Go ahead and ask anyone if they know what it is….so many people don’t.

However, imagine if these rights were common place…the world would look like a very very different place.

So what do you do now….disseminate this to everyone you know.

Post this on your facebook page.

Post this on twitter.

Write about this on your own blog. Take each item and talk about it in length.

This document is already in place in our governments, we can make this happen and make this the rules of the nations of the world.


Slavery…yes it still exists

When I speak around the country and ask people if they know what slavery is they say yes, and then start speaking about the 1800’s in America.

Now, I have to agree that the Slavery epidemic and gross boil on the history of our country is very important and a needed educational understanding…but it is so much more than that.

When I ask people if they realize slavery is still going on, they begin talking about weird cults and third and fourth world countries.

When this happens…it’s very very hard for me to keep my composure. Really?  I think to myself.


Slavery is happening right here and right now. I live in Largo, Florida when I’m not traveling and speaking. Recently, 15 Chinese restaurants closed. Now i didn’t know it was 15 till i read it in the paper, I just knew it happened because 3 of my favorite Chinese buffets closed, and one of my favorite sit down places….all closed on the same day. I was pretty bummed because the food was really good at all of these places.

The prices and the food were good because all of the staff were being forced to work there and do a good job. In fact, one of the servers i spoke to on a daily basis was being forced to work there in order to get her 2 month old son from the Philippines. She was forced to work at the restaurant, “service” the male owner, and then sleep on a cot in the back of the restaurant. If she did this diligently and to the absolute best of her ability, in 3 years she’d be able to get her son back.

This is the friendlier side of human trafficking and modern slavery.  I say friendlier because I’ve heard stories about 9 year olds being forced to “entertain” men for 12 hours a day. It’s horrid.

So what do we do….we must do something!

Walk freeis working on doing something!  According to their website:

Globally, there are over 20 million people living in modern-day slavery. But we can be the generation to end slavery – if we can mobilise a global movement, make it a priority for governments and business, and invest in the solutions of prevention, protection and prosecution. Although slavery may be illegal in almost every country, determined offenders continue to find many loopholes. As news media uncover shocking stories of modern-day slavery, more and more people are waking up to the need to take action.

To give even more information about this organization and the modern-day slavery that is plaguing our planet:

Do something…please!!


Violence when we read people’s comments….NO!

This article explicitly makes good sense.

We’ve all been there….we’ve watched a youtube video, we’ve read an article, or looked at a advertisement and the comments underneath are just horrid.

We could quickly type out some jabbing jarring response…..yes we could, it’s really easy.

OR…we could educate them.

If you know the truth and some awesome resources to uphold the truth…educate them.

If someone spits out some sort of ridiculous comment show them the real answers.

Change the world…’s more than walking in protests and signing petitions, it’s about living positive the day to day world.

Charities…list of awesome charities

Whenever there is a major event be it Christmas, a birthday, a funeral, a wedding, or even just a get together there is an opportunity to collect for a charity you truly believe it.

To give you an example, for my birthday this year (It was June 16th)I asked everyone instead of giving me a gift send $10 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) . Because of my request the WWF received $100 which I think is pretty neat. I even got a cool little certificate and everythign because I donated $100 or more.

so here is a list of charities that you could do the same thing for, or to just open your ideas to some really cool and awesome charities doing great work:

Top of Form

Top of Form

Pace e Bene []Bottom of Form


Bottom of Form



Violence and Pro-global warming?

It seems there is a new tactic…..

There has been a normalized comment throughout the United States for many years now: Might makes right. Meaning, if I can beat you up…I’m right. OR If I’m stronger then I’m right!

Interesting…the same idea is an eye for an eye…but as Ghandi commented: This means there are a lot of blind people.

So, the Prius…a hybrid working to end our carbon footprint on our society is being bumper sticker verbally attacked because it is working toward a better future free of green house gasses and global warming.

Instead of making a comment on why this idea of saving the planet isn’t right…instead, it boils down tot he old bully adage…Well, I’ll beat you up.

Billions of years of positive evolution and our answer to conflict is still….Well, I’ll be you up. SAD!

Now, the interesting part of this whole story is that when I’ve seen these bumper stickers, they are usually attacked to a car that is producing 5-6 times the amount of carbon than most of the other cars on the road are. In addition to this, they usually have pro-war stickers to accompany their bully stickers.

In the end I’d just like to leave you with a few comments:

We must prevent violence.

We must prevent global warming.

We must prevent bullies!

Men and the country asking everyone to stop the abuse


Our president….our VP…..and so many others all asking every man in the world to stop the abuse.

Stop the violence toward women.

Stop the violence period.

Let’s join them to end this violence!

Five Basic Questions about your Life

Five Basic Questions about your Life.

What a great idea….

At the end of these questions….decide what you’re going to do to enact positive change in the world.

We must always remember we are agents of positive change, and we are all pretty darn amazing!

The world can become a better place through you

You have this moment to do something awesome!

What is that awesome?  It could be anything.

Feed kids in your neighborhood.

Motivate people to donate to a cause.

Go adopt a bunch of animals and give them to people who are terribly lonely and could not afford to do that.

Tell every person you meet that you hope they have a good day.

Do something and the world will become a better place.