When many people, not you of course, hear the word meditation, the picture above is close to what they think about.

People sitting in a cross legged position (1/2 lotus, full lotus) with their hands up and their fingers in a upturned ok position.

Others hear meditation and suddenly they see Buddhist monks, Buddha, and think it’s all about religion.

This is 2 types of meditation – yes.

The meditation I’m speaking of here is merely a way to become more peaceful, connected to yourself, and calm. Look inside and think about only nothing….and suddenly, your mind opens up with EVERYTHING! Once you lookat , deal with, and otherwise move the other things away (yes, this takes practice just like anything else) your mind sighs and rests. When your mind rests, you rest, and suddenly….BAM!….your view, thoughts and ideas all change.  How cool is that?

How do you meditate?

Step 1: Sit down.

Step 2: Set a time frame…start with 5 minutes.

Step 3: Close your eyes.

Step 4: count each in breath (1), and each out breath (2). Go all the way up to 100. Try smiling on the out breath it works great…it’s unbelievable.  Every time you think of something other than the counting, stop and go back tot he counting. Don’t be upset, just constantly sweep the other ideas away and go back to the breathing and counting.

For the beginners a great article on meditating is here. Even if you aren’t new to all of this, it could add another dimension to your practice.

Why though?

In the beginning there are thoughts and uideas running all over the place and it’s hard to even stop the thoughts and ideas for one minute. This is the state your mind is in. If ever you think you’re concentrating on something, think of this crazy mix of thoughts that keep flying by…that’s the level of concentration you have.

Even if you increased it by a wee bit, you would have more mental acuity towards whatever you’re doing.

The bonus!

1. You start to be able yo use more of your mind.

2. better concentration.

3. Better understanding of others.

4. A deeper understanding that we are all connected and we need to help all of the world.

5. The health benefits are AMAZING!!!!


Finally serenity!!!



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