But what do I do?

After speaking to a group of professionals about doing something to help change the world (Motivating For Positive Change) I was taking questions.

A young man waited through the line and asked me a very simple question….what do I do?

This question sparked many many more and I finally found out that the big problem he was having was that he really really wanted to help people and the world. In fact, he was ready to help as many people as he could.

As he put it: He was inspired.

So, let’s help others with this very perplexing question.

1. I’m always big on starting with your passion…but very recently it was found that many people do not have a passion.

2. Look for problems in the world that need to be solved.

Unfortunately, many many people look at the problems of the world by watching the news or CNBC, MSN news, etc.  This is a horrible place to start because they are billing sensationalism. hey are goign to tell you all about the BIG [problems. The LARGE problems that huge million dollar organizations are trying to overcome. After watching the news, you feel like there is just so much it’s all overwhelming.

3. Look for problems in your own community

Many people don’t truly live in their own community. They wake up, get dressed, check facebook. Walk out of the house, maybe wave to a neighbor you barely know, drive down the street in the same way you always do, and finally end up at work. You work 8-9 hours, drive the same way to home, wave tot he same neighbor, go into your house. Watch whatever everyone else is watching, play on facebook, and then go to bed.   You don’t even know what’s going on in your community.

4. Look up a list of nonprofits and pick one that interests you.

There are millions of nonprofits that are trying to change the world and the list is getting bigger all the time. There are so many causes and people out there looking to change the world, you can go and choose one of those.

If you don’t like this list….go to google and type in list of nonprofits” and press enter.  There are tons of lists and tons of nonprofits out there.


So there you go…4 easy ways to do something to change the world!

Can you do it…of course you can!

What causes are you currently helping?

What causes would you like me to highlight on this or in this blog?



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