3 issues that need to be solved!

So, as I meet and speak to people there are a number of reoccurring thoughts and ideas that keep coming back to me.

1st – People want the violence to end.

2nd – People want people to stop polluting and destroying the word in any way that will harm the earth.

3rd – People want to be seen as equal. Down with the racism, ageism, gender inequality, and discrimination of all people.

These are the three most often complained about causes, and the the 3 most heart felt causes fromt he students and adults i speak with.

Therefore, these ideas have to constantly reappear on this blog to inspire and motivate others to help change these grossly important issues.

Therefore, you will see many posts on these things. You will see many ways we can stop these things. You will also see many companies and people that are working toward ending these things.

In the end – if we don’t stop hurting the earth…we will have no place to live.

In the end – if we don’t stop hurting each other – we will run out of people and hope.

In the end – if we don’t stop discriminating – there will be only more violence to respond to the hurt.





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