The self worth project

How do we create self-worth?

We are taught it at a young age and then it is fortified throughout our lives. If you have kind and loving people in your life, you will find yourself to be kind and loving. You will see yourself as upheld and lovely.

When we add guilt, bullying, name calling, etc, into the world….we begin to lose our self-worth. We don’t see how our life is very good or even worth the time of day.

How sad!

We all have insecurities and things that have happened to us that have lowered our self-worth.

Introducing the Self Worth Project.

According to the project themselves:

The Self-Worth Project is a photo documentation of people expressing their deepest and most vulnerable fears and insecurities. People choose a word that encompasses their struggles and write it on their body. Through this, we are bringing awareness to the daily struggles and discrimination that we face every day as humans. Our mission: To not only deliver this understanding, but to form a more loving and accepting world.

Let me reiterate this for one moment….To form a more loving and accepting world.

Now that is a goal!

That is something we can all get behind.

This is something worth backing and making sure we can deliver.

Here is a video that has come out of this awesome project:

When we need to heal, we must identify the parts that need to be healed. By writing it on ourselves, and putting it out to the world…we are identifying that we are insecure, we are vulnerable, we have been hurt….but we are overcoming that. Why?  Because we are better than the insecurity that others have put upon us. We are like a phoenix who will rise from these ashes and become the person we really are…a person of worth…a person of beauty…a person of kindness…a person of love!

Please do something to help this project along.

What a great way to say…I am someone who matters and I am accepted for exactly who I am.

Let us promote the idea of acceptance.

Accepting people for exactly who they are no matter their past, their future, or their looks!



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