Bringing people together with LEGO

There are few things people can agree on.

Getting a lot of people together to agree on one thing is very difficult.

However, I was walking through a place called Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida and they happen to have a LEGO store. It was amazing!

Boys, girls, black, white, Asian, Spanish, English speaking, Spanish speaking, German speaking, Arabic speaking….full and complete diversity.  it was simply amazing to watch everyone from all different walks of life, from multiple different countries getting together to play with LEGO!

Wow…the power of LEGO.

As I was pondering this amazing phenomenon, I came across this great article. An article talking about this young ladie’s three boys that “all have their own interests, and often disagree on what is “cool”, and  they don’t necessarily do things together all the time….but the one thing they all love though is Lego.” Suddenly these boys are together, they are actually working together towards a common goal.

Isn’t this what NATO has been trying to do since its inception?

Then it started me thinking….what a great way to bring people together. What a great way to start talking about inclusion of all people, inclusion of all different ideas, what a great way to talk about acceptance and diversity.

So…scrounge around and find some Lego. Ask neighbors, ask friends, go to garage sales, thrift stores, etc, etc and get a bunch of LEGO.

Put out a card table and dump the LEGO all over the table, and invite people to come and play. Not just kids…remember, the largest fans of Lego are adults who are now engineers.  When everyone is together start commenting on acceptance of all people, hand out a card that says….Thank You for accepting all different types of people.

Get a bunch of people together, put the tables and the LEGO in one really really big pile…you could have a LEGO block party. You could be the one who transformed your neighborhood from a bunch of strangers who wave as they drive by, to a community of friends who see each other as more than just a person you live by.

By creating a community, you have created a close knit group of people who help each other and possibly help the rest of your community.

Now that is  positive change!


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