“You are awesome” notes

What if we took all the scraps of paper that we throw away all the time and wrote something wonderful like this on it.

Then, what if we gave these scraps of paper to everyone we walked pass on the street.

Then, what if when we gave it to them we said, “I hope you have a great day.”

Let’s do the math for just one moment….I just threw away 100 scraps of paper.

So if i gave this to 100 people….that means 100 people would get this beautiful message that they are beautiful, they are valued, and they are awesome. 100 people feel better about themselves, other people, and the world….and when people feel like this, they do great things and are happier towards other people.

Now let’s say those 100 people did 1 nice thing all day for 1 person.

That means that in that 1 day, 200 people were made to see the world a little more positive.

Now, take the 40 people who follow this blog (so far) and multiply it by 200 and you get 8000 people!

Wow, in one day we have the ability to make 8000 people’s lives better.

Let’s take this 1 step further. What if 1/2 of the 2nd 100 did something nice and or made someone elses day a little more positive. That would mean it would be a total of 250 people or 250 X 40 = 10,000 people!!!!!!

Now my friends that’s a movement. That’s a major social change and added an amazing amount of positivity into the world.


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