Violence and Pro-global warming?

It seems there is a new tactic…..

There has been a normalized comment throughout the United States for many years now: Might makes right. Meaning, if I can beat you up…I’m right. OR If I’m stronger then I’m right!

Interesting…the same idea is an eye for an eye…but as Ghandi commented: This means there are a lot of blind people.

So, the Prius…a hybrid working to end our carbon footprint on our society is being bumper sticker verbally attacked because it is working toward a better future free of green house gasses and global warming.

Instead of making a comment on why this idea of saving the planet isn’t right…instead, it boils down tot he old bully adage…Well, I’ll beat you up.

Billions of years of positive evolution and our answer to conflict is still….Well, I’ll be you up. SAD!

Now, the interesting part of this whole story is that when I’ve seen these bumper stickers, they are usually attacked to a car that is producing 5-6 times the amount of carbon than most of the other cars on the road are. In addition to this, they usually have pro-war stickers to accompany their bully stickers.

In the end I’d just like to leave you with a few comments:

We must prevent violence.

We must prevent global warming.

We must prevent bullies!


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