Slavery…yes it still exists

When I speak around the country and ask people if they know what slavery is they say yes, and then start speaking about the 1800’s in America.

Now, I have to agree that the Slavery epidemic and gross boil on the history of our country is very important and a needed educational understanding…but it is so much more than that.

When I ask people if they realize slavery is still going on, they begin talking about weird cults and third and fourth world countries.

When this happens…it’s very very hard for me to keep my composure. Really?  I think to myself.


Slavery is happening right here and right now. I live in Largo, Florida when I’m not traveling and speaking. Recently, 15 Chinese restaurants closed. Now i didn’t know it was 15 till i read it in the paper, I just knew it happened because 3 of my favorite Chinese buffets closed, and one of my favorite sit down places….all closed on the same day. I was pretty bummed because the food was really good at all of these places.

The prices and the food were good because all of the staff were being forced to work there and do a good job. In fact, one of the servers i spoke to on a daily basis was being forced to work there in order to get her 2 month old son from the Philippines. She was forced to work at the restaurant, “service” the male owner, and then sleep on a cot in the back of the restaurant. If she did this diligently and to the absolute best of her ability, in 3 years she’d be able to get her son back.

This is the friendlier side of human trafficking and modern slavery.  I say friendlier because I’ve heard stories about 9 year olds being forced to “entertain” men for 12 hours a day. It’s horrid.

So what do we do….we must do something!

Walk freeis working on doing something!  According to their website:

Globally, there are over 20 million people living in modern-day slavery. But we can be the generation to end slavery – if we can mobilise a global movement, make it a priority for governments and business, and invest in the solutions of prevention, protection and prosecution. Although slavery may be illegal in almost every country, determined offenders continue to find many loopholes. As news media uncover shocking stories of modern-day slavery, more and more people are waking up to the need to take action.

To give even more information about this organization and the modern-day slavery that is plaguing our planet:

Do something…please!!



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