Before Disney…

My name is Chad Herman…What if i said do you want to go to Hermanland.  You’d laugh at me.

My partner’s last name is Julien….What if I said do you want to go to Julien? Again, you’d laugh at me.

But..if i said do you want to go to Disney…you’d know exactly what I was talking about. But there was a time when Disneyland and Disney World were only thoughts…..

Right now I have a thought….

Right now i have an imaginary place I’m working towards….

A place where there is no abuse.

A place where everyone has enough to eat.

A place where people care about the earth, and aren’t trying to hurt it.

A place where our carbon footprint is very very little.

A fantasy….some would say.

Well imagine what people said to Walt when they arrived here:

Welcome to Disneyland:


Now imagine if I said that this idea can take over the world.

This idea that everyone treats each other right, and we help the animals and the kids to be better than they are now.

A place where people look after eachother, and nonviolence is a reality.

A place where alternative fuels and biotechnology has helped us eliminate global warming and increased our life with better foods.

We no longer kill people, instead we educate and work together to enhance all people.

Yes, this seems crazy to some.

But didn’t people think that Walt was crazy when they saw this:

Welcome to Disney world:

Yes, what we are trying to accomplish in our society, our community, and our neighborhoods does seem crazy to many.

But if a last name can become synonymous with amusement parks, mics, dogs, and movies….then couldn’t we create a reality where the ideas of patience, tolerance, working together, and loving one another is normal?

I know we can.

I know we have the ability to create a society that is beautiful

Everything you do to enact some sort of positive change is one step closer tot his reality.

Thank you for helping this change along.

We can change the world….we can create a difference. We will enact positive change in our world.



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