Men’s pledge to not commit violence

This another post from the group.

This is a great site to watch.

Men’s pledge to not commit violence.

The post is all about how men need to stand up.

Men…we are the leaders of the future.

Men…boys look up to us and do everything we do.  There’s a cute commercial where the son is watching dad and he does everything dad does.  He plops down on the couch, he puts his feet up on the coffee table, he puts his hands in his pants, and he drinks a soda….all at the same time as dad.


If you are a man reading this…this is the power you have.

You are the leader, you are the one that the boys are watching. What you stand for, how you see things, and the things you do will be followed to the T.

So men…pick something to stand for and stand up for it.

Stand up for no more violence.

Stand up for no more abuse towards women.

Stand up for the green movement

Stand up and do something about the problems of the world…and the boys who follow you will too!



    • As soon as you said it….I knew the clip immediately. This clip literally brought everything I was learning, striving to understand, and working towards at that time in my life…all make sense. This is very very powerful. Thank you for sharing the clip…it definitely needs to be on this blog!

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