Messages in chalk

I’m always looking for ways to spread more kindness, but many times I run out of ways to show kindness to others.

The other day i came upon an awesome idea….

What about positive messages on the sidewalk in front of your home

EVERYONE can get chalk. At most $1 dollar stores you can get a pack of 6-8 pieces of sidewalk chalk.

Walk out to the space in front of your house…it doesn’t have to be a sidewalk, a street, or even something presentable…just the place in front of your house where people travel.

Right in that space, write in that space!

Write kind messages and words to all who pass by.

Maybe just a word…like peace or be happy. If you have a book of quotes or go to one of the many many many quotes pages on the net and pull off small happy quotes.  Put those quotes on the sidewalk. It will take but a moment…but I guarantee if you do this enough and long enough…people will start seeing it. When people start seeing it, you have done what you set out to do: you are infusing kindness into other people’s’ lives!

What more joy can that be.

Here’s a few words to start you out:

Be happy!

Be nice to all people.

Happy we’re here alive


accept everyone

Love all people

Get some chalk and take the message out!  It’s amazing out great it feels and how awesome it is when someone smiles because of what you wrote.

You might even inspire someone!


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