An act of kindness resonates forever

There was a radio show I was listening to and a gentleman called up.

From the sound of the voice you could tell he was a very very old man. When the announcer asked how old he was he stuttered out, 89.

He told a story about something that happened to him as a young man of about 20. He was traveling through Europe and got very very sick. He was a young man backpacking and knew nobody in the town at all. He decided to sit down and drink some water in front of a small store. though it was over 80 degrees F outside, he sat shivering with a very high fever.  As he sat there a couple walked out and asked if the young man was alright, but upon touching him they realized he was very sick.

They persuaded the man to come to their house so they could help him get well. it turned out he had a very bad flu caring a 103 degree F temp for most of 3 days. In total, he was with this couple in their little thatch roofed 2 room house for about 2 weeks. After he got well, he helped with some chores and manual labor in hopes that his meager helping would somehow repay them.

At the end of 2 weeks, he decided he had stayed long enough and should be going. The couple wished him well and gave him some homemade granola and water to help him along. He had been back to that part of Europe many times, and the couple was nowhere to be seen. They could have moved or died – it is unknown.

The man continued saying that he had remembered this kindness his entire life and taught as many people as he knew about this type of selfless acts that can do unbelievable things in the world. He ended it by saying, that he was ready to end the call and thank you for letting him share. He refused to give his name because ,”the story was more important”.

Now, let’s think on this for a moment – This happened to this man 20+ years before this radio show. Now, it’s been 10 years since that radio show and I’ve heard this story retold multiple times.

This couple…in their 1 act….has inspired a web of kindness that will and has become so much bigger than their life ever will be. This man has taught his children and their children and every person he has known about this kind of kindness and the ability of doing kindness to all people – and he knows first hand what it can do for someone. Then he shared it on the radio, showing 1000’s of others the power of this kindness.

Now I’m telling it here…..

Out of such a simple act of helping others – these two people inspired millions of people to be more kind…and


Imagine if everyone who read this did 1 act of kindness and taught 1 person of kindness….here are those numbers:

30 people subscribed right now…..

1.30 acts of kindness done, 30 acts taught.

2. 15 people are inspired and do 15 acts of kindness, 15 acts taught.

3. 10 people are inspired and do 10 acts of kindness, 10 acts taught.

If this only goes 3 levels…which most of the time it goes more….

This would mean 55 people will be inspired, and 55 people will do some sort of act. That means out of this 1 post, 110 people are more kind and do something kind in the world. What if just 1 of these people continue teaching this kindness through the generations….YOU have inspired the future.

That’s what inspiration is all about, inspiring and creating the future!

What are you going to do?




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