Get to know your neighbor…it is prevention!

The best way we can protect each other is by saying the simple word…hello.

As soon as that word is uttered, the walls of individuality is broken. The walls of loneliness are gone (for both parties). The walls of boundaries, culture, and every other thing that stops the human race from getting along all break down.

At that moment of hello, you have told that other person: To me, you’re important enough for me to us by breath, my attention, and moments of my short life to share a kind word with you, and get to know who you are.

Get to know your neighbor…it is prevention!.

As soon as those walls are broken down, the ability to see the other person as just another person striving to get by in this world, and the focus on the differences go away.

Once we create a friendship, we look out for one another…and you will always be protected.


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