Be positive!

Nothing else in your entire life will help you more than being positive.

The more positive you are, the better your life will be. Isn’t this an awesome idea. Isn’t this a cool thought?

So, spend more time being positive.

How?  I know, the million dollar question.

Find something great in everything you see.


Thunderstorms allow flowers to grow.

The end of relationships are always the beginning of anew life.

The end of anything is the beginning of something.

Death is about perspective. If you look at it as loss, that is all you will ever have. If you look at it as someone going on to learn so much more and help others – it’s a great thing. If you any religious focus at all, you have to remember that all religions (even the old ancient ones) have people going off to great wonderful places.

It’s great to have all your organs working like they should.

Look around at everything you have.

Do something nice for someone…it’s amazing how it changes us.

Find something that is your favorite color.

Look at a flower, a grass, a field, a tree and really notice how beautiful it is.

Look at a tree and realize that without it…you might not be breathing.

There are so many awesome reasons to be happy and positive.  The more you stay positive, the more you will see the world in a happier way!

Be positive!



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