Can 1 person make a difference?

Can 1 person really make a difference?

This is a question I get all the time. This is a question I get every time I suggest to people to do something to change the world.

“I’m just 1 person.”

Well, what about if you were in eight grade?  Would you feel even more helpless?  Would you feel even more that you couldn’t do anything?    Of course you would….especially if you feel like that as an adult!

Wouldn’t be nice if young girls saw pictures of real women in the magazines they read?  Of course it would!

Right now girls are looking at magazines that are so full of airbrushed faces and bodies and make up that they don’t realize that’s not how real people look. They look at themselves in the mirror, compare it tot he magazine and lo and behold….not the same. This creates self esteem issues,. It creates eating disorders. it creates all sorts of problems when girls and boys look up to false creations that can only be achieved on the internet.

So an eight grader decided she wasn’t going to take it and began a petition on The petition was simple….ask Seventeen to stop putting airbrushed models in their magazine. The petition went crazy…and Seventeen took notice. But they didn’t do anything!  So, she did it again.

That’s right, she did it again. There are people out there (some of us included) that haven’t even started one petition or even work towards stopping something…and this little eight grader is on 2.

The petition asked Seventeen to do something about the petition. Finally, Seventeen magazine had a meeting with the young lady and her parents. They sat down and asked her why this was needed. They asked her why she wanted this to happen. They asked why can’t they shut her up.  Finally, Seventeen conceded and they said that the magazine has made a commitment to not alter the body size or face shape of the girls and models in the magazine and to feature a diverse range of beauty in its pages..

That’s a wowe moment in itself.

But she’s at it again.  Now she is asking Teen Vogue to stop doing this. Is this a movement…you bet it is.

Can 1 person really change anything…yes we can!

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