Motivating for positive change through Haiku: Part 4

Inspiring and motivating for positive change part the 4

When I ask people to do something to promote positive change they always look at me with these questioning eyes, as if to say: What? What do I do?

I went to a trip in Ireland, and there was a young man who wrote a beautiful poem about the Blarney castle. He was at he castle an asked the passer bys to read it. He said it was ours, just pay him something. I bought that poem that day, just as most people carry the things that are given to them on the street.

Imagine writing some poetry, some haikus say, and putting them on pieces of paper and handed them out to inspire all the people in the world to do something to help it.

They could be as simple as these:


Save the rainforest.

Save our oceans and rivers

Save our planet NOW!



Spinning in ether

Blue, green sphere with people on it

Wondering how to save it



All people drink.

All people eat and smile

All things at pure peace.



We all want to help

people end their suffering

and any help is good




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