Motivating For Positive Change through Haiku: Part 5 (LAST)

So often so many people are working to change the world. I can list a number of blogs that I have personally read and seen: – Working towards gender equality – Working to end injustice to women

These are just two of the thousands and possibly millions of people out there writing blogs, and recreating the planet one blog post at a time.

We must pick our battles, but there are battles out there to be fought. Their are causes to be campaigned for and world changing events to lead. You, that’s right the person sitting there reading this, is the person who has the ability to change the way things are going.

You are the future of our world..whether you’re 5, 13, 29,43, or 105…you have a talent and a voice to use to change the injustices of the world.

Read the Haiku…and go do something!



One step in the

direction of kindness

is a step toward change



Watching the world change

We see it changes slowly

but will always change



We may see god in

a cornflake, dirt, statue,or a

book-but still God




Look toward the future

your great grandchild is at play

and your efforts made


the difference between

a world of struggle and pain

and the joy she lives in.


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