Hugging for positive change

Holding Close.

This is an article that comes from a great blog: Words/love .  Hugging is such an awesome way to create closeness, happiness, and love.

As a man hugging is not seen as something that is allowed. I’ve always felt this was ridiculous when seen through the lens of humanity and personhood.

To disregard our connection and inter-connectivity as a human race and people and persons, we disregard the fact that we are all connected together as one human organism.

I recently wrote something about a man who has created a movement of giving out hugs. The popularity of his movement speaks directly to this need we all have of holding people close to us and showing and truly being with that person right now!

A hug is not merely a physical action.

I think this blog says it best:

There is no better way to say hello or goodbye or I love you. The language of the body is often more powerful than words. Every hug is an invitation. Opening your arms is a way of asking, “Please, come in.” Holding someone close is a way of telling them, “And stay forever, if you like.”

This is how beautiful a hug truly is.

Begin hugging to say hello, hugging to say good bye, and hugging to be part of someone else world. Begin embracing people as your fellow human, fellow person, and acknowledge their connectivity to you.

Hugging is truly an action of creating positive change. Remember, positive change only happens when we put ourselves out there to create it.  Huggins is one of those ways to do it.



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