Olympics – A celebration of peace

Lets think about this for a moment.

Close your eyes and imagine a place…a time…where the globe is truly without lines per se. It looks kind of like this:

Look at this picture…you’ll notice something pretty neat….no lines.

The lines were created by war, politics, and people. People dividing and creating their own little space to live their own little selfish lives in their own little selfish way.
Are we still these people? Are we still the people who look at someone from another nationality, race, culture and say…”You are not me, i am not you, and we are not part of the same thing. We must have lines to divide and split your from me.”

I suggest no!  I suggest that this is an archaic view being upheld by people who make money by keeping this view.

Let’s go back to that place…that place with no lines…just ability.  An ability to do amazing things, and be celebrated for it. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do, just that you have strive and worked to be the person you are doing the amazing things you can do.

This is the Olympics!

This is what the Olympics are about.

The celebration of human achievement.

The celebration of people…no matter their race, where they come from, what their culture is, or their religious belief.

How can we turn this celebration of human people into something we see normal?



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