Are men more violent than women?


Good Morning.

What I have done here is copy and past the entire article from a blog called

This is article I will reference in future blog posts.

This is a post that is at the heart of prevention, of domestic violence, and Intimate Partner Violence.

The issue: Are men more violent than women?

The answer: Maybe or maybe it’s taught

I reblog and post this in it’s entirety so that you may read this and decide for your self. You’ll notice the whole article is a link…this links you back tot he original page it comes from. I STRONGLY urge you to go to the actual site and read the comments, because like other publications…the comments on this blog are well thought out and intelligent.

Lastly – What do you think?


Are men violent by Eesha Pandit

The gruesome and violent tragedy in Colorado last week put…

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