Lap tops of love

There’s a young lady I know, her name is Lainey. Lainey is 10 years old and if you asked her what she wanted for her birthday you’d here all of the normal 10 year old stuff. (Note – If you think this list is odd, it’s because you haven’t been hanging out with 10 year olds lately. I have two 11 year olds, and this list is exactly the birthday/Christmas list I’ve received.)

An i-phone, or at least one that will text and take pictures.

Lap top with wifi

Clothes – Justice and Disney

nail polish – lots of it

smelly good stuff

BFF necklace

drawing paper and drawing stuff

I asked her why she “really” wanted these things. She said “I want to be able to connect and talk with all my friends. They have phones that can text and I don’t even have a phone, and it won’t work here anyways. ” She fidgeted for a minute and asked, “Really, I just want to be able to talk and chat and hang out with my friends. I don’t get to hang out with them at all. I have a facebook account, I know I’m not suppose to cuz I’m not 18…but I want to play with my friends while I’m sitting here all day.”

See,Lainey has bone marrow cancer. She has been in and out of the hospital since she was 5. Nobody knows how she contracted this cancer, but nobody knows how most cancers happen anyway. This time, she is in the hospital for 8 months. First they have to shoot her up with a lot of radioactive material, then 4 consecutive rounds of chemo, and then a surgery, plus more chemo. They think this should work.

6 months!  January to June, but in her case it’s August to February…or so they hope, if everything works right.

Lainey is just the type of person who dreams of a nonprofit company like Laptops of love.

You’ve never heard of Lap tops of love?  Neither has most people. Their goal is to bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment of pre-teen and teenage patients alike (ages 3 to 17), and offer them a way to get back to being kids again, which turns out to be better for everyone. They say that laughter is its own best medicine. We function on that belief and bring a little happiness into each child’s world.

Think of what a laptop means to a child who wakes up in a hospital bed hooked to 3 or 4 tubes. Her day will be bad food, watching the rings under her tired mom’s eyes, 1 round of chemo, 2 hours of vomiting, 4 hours of sleeping, and then it’s times for pills that will make her sleep and gag till the next morning when she wakes up and hopefully she didn’t vomit on herself again. However, if you’ve been in a hospital before, you know that people are constantly in and out of your room coupled with being attached to tubes and wires, sleeping isn’t fun.

Laptops of love want to give these kids a way to interact and get in contact with the outside world: With their friends.

The people at Lap tops of love are “educated professionals such as teachers, engineers, inventors and good people from all walks of life who share one mission: to help a child during a health crisis. All volunteers give of themselves freely with one purpose in mind – to give children and families the ability to communicate during a difficult period. Many of our volunteers are retired but some are still working professionals who are able to balance both worlds. What could be more rewarding than to see a child smile? Nothing! Everything we do is aimed at making that child smile. When we accomplish this we all smile. This is of utmost importance to the volunteers. What’s really important to you?”

If you’re looking for a cause or someone who needs help…it’s these kids. There are many ways you can help these kids, but this one changes them from a bald cancer patient, to an active kids interacting with other kids.

Check out their website and remember – this is a way of creating positive change. If you reblog this article, tell someone about it, or even just tell someone about this awesome organization – you are motivating for positive change.

Do you know of other charities and groups that help cancer kids?



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