Stop Alpha One Anti-Trypson Deficiency disease

This blog is not about this horrible disease.

In short: Alpha-1 antitrypsin (an-tee-TRIP-sin) deficiency, or AAT deficiency, is a condition that raises your risk for lung diseases such as emphysemaexternal link icon (em-fi-SE-ma)—often when they’re only in their forties or fifties.  In a small number of people who have AAT deficiency develop cirrhosisexternal link icon (sir-RO-sis) and other serious liver diseases.

For a lot of information about this disease please go to this blog post.

I’m writing about this disease, and many other in the future, to give you even more ideas of causes and diseases out there that are in desperate need of support, awareness, and money to find the cure. Motivating for positive change is not just about getting organizations money, motivating for positive change is about changing people’s knowledge, awareness, behaviors and beliefs so that we can all live in a more positive, kind, and amazingly positive world.

This disease is so dire because our own human environment hurts these people all the time. When you recognize that people have diseases such as this, you can create positive change just by bringing them to people’s awareness.

If you know someone who suddenly contracted asthma in their late teens and early 20’s , it is very possible they have this inherited disease. However, if they do not know it…they won’t get tested and won’t have the opportunity for many of the treatment plans that are out there.

In addition to this, people with these diseases can not stand in any way shape or form strong smells such as anything that comes out of these beauty supply shops and smelly shops that populate the mall. A small whiff of the perfume counter will lead them directly to the hospital. And what of those perfume sprayers…that is instant death.

So the next time you are thinking about lighting a candle in a public area, putting on a cologne or perfume, or even just using your smelly fabric softener…think of the people around you first.

If you are looking for an organization to help, the alpha-1 foundation is definitely one to help.  Imagine trying to convince funders to fund money to people who have an inherited disease, but this inheritance is all over the world. It’s pretty hard ad they would love your help.

We must all motivate for positive change, but we must also celebrate those who are already doing it by just doing what they believe in.

Do you know anyone who is doing amazing things to help stop a disease?  Please let me know who they are, and I’d love to showcase them on this blog.



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