Motivating for positive change

I started Motivating For Positive Change with only one thought in mind….change the world. What a great idea.

I have spent the last 3-5 years working to prevent domestic violence and violence in general. I have spoke out, spoken up,educated  and written about gender equality, healthy relationships, and nonviolence. (See Opt4)

Suddenly, my eyes opened to all of the other injustices in the world. The amazing things that people are doing in regards to this injustice and I got to thinking…Couldn’t everybody…anybody do something to help change the normal way of thing. The normal being of things.

So I took a walk.

There was an older gentleman about a mile from where I live. He was just sitting in his front yard drinking lemonade.  I’m a very positive and optimistic person and I wave hi and greet all people who I pass. There are so many reasons I do this that hey very well might end up on a blog post at some point.  Anyways….

I waved hi to the gentleman and asked how he was. Now the funny thing about people is this: At a certain age, we’ll talk to and tell people the truth of what they’re asking us.  He explained that he wasn’t doing well. He just lost his wife, but what made it even harder was that the disease is so odd that nobody funds the research to find the cure. So when they diagnosed her, there were no options except watch her die. He said it was horrible. Then he waved a piece of paper at me and said that they had given him an address he could send a donation to to help other people if he wanted.

He scoffd at the paper, “As if I’m going to send them a check. With what?”

I suggested that he set up a jar, a sign, and picture of his wife. He’d be out sipping lemonade anyway…you just might get enough to send them something. Your wife’s memory could help other who don’t know about this disease, and maybe you can help there be some options next time. You could be the person that breathes life in the research.

I kept walking and didn’t come back by there for about 2 hours. When I arrived he had taken my advice. He saw me and yelled for me to come over.

“You wouldn’t believe it. Some lady drove down this here road and saw the picture of my wife. She stopped and told me she knew her and gave me $10. In 2 hours boy, I have made over one hundred dollars to donate to those people. You helped me keep my wife’s name and memory alive and you have given me a purpose in the world…even when I’m out here drinking lemonade. Wow…I’m doing something my grand kids could be proud of.”

That man was so happy…Motivating For Positive Change started right there. If there is some way, something I can say or do to inspire people to change the world – Motivating For Positive Change has done its job. Now, I go and speak to all sorts of people about motivating for positive change. I motivate people all the time to just take whatever your passion is, whatever the problem that you see in this world that needs to be fixed – just take your talents and do something.

A few noteworthy causes that have happened in the short time since I started Motivating Positive Change:

An old man has sent over $2000 to research the disease that took his wife.

A young girl collected and donated over $160 to Special Olympics.

800 post-its saying positive things have gone up in 100’s of bathrooms in the Mobile, Alabama area.

A young woman donated over $300 to help feed children in a small county in Florida.

To all people who have done things to help change the world thank you. If I have inspired you to do something – thank you for doing it.

How have I inspired you?  What did you do?



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