1 person can change the world! Are you 1?


This blog post highlights the men and women fighting for the rights of people, and people fighting for the right to live.

This blog post by the ever impressive writer and activist  Shelba Waldron mentions the plight so many people stuck in the grips of poverty struggling and trying to get out. She makes a comment in the blog where she explains that:

My friend Chad actually believes that one person can change the world forever. I use to think he was naive, as well as a little crazy, but what I realized is that as I looked around me, I had a ton of friends already around me who believes the exact same thing. They are the reason I have found my passions and that I too believe I can change the world. I believe with all my heart that we can end poverty. I believe we can put an end to violence. I believe if we stop those two things, then everything else will get better exponentially. Poverty and Violence. That’s it. Ending poverty will help break the cycle of violence and thus change our economy, which will put that money into an educated nation, a healthy nation, and a nation filled with hopeful people. I can imagine for the first time in my life a place where words such as misogyny, rape, domestic violence, emotional abuse, molestation, and gun fire are not a part of our daily media, as an educated and peaceful world would have no use for it.”

The fact that she mentioned me floored me.

So here is my response to the article, my life, and my purpose in the world…as well as all of our purpose in the world.

I stand in awe to think I am included on this blog. Wow! Yes, I’ve watched policeman kill innocent men and women under the umbrella of “setting an example” because they couldn’t tell who was right and who was wrong. However, I’ve also seen a girl learn to read and then go about helping her entire illegal family become citizens, college graduates, and they now look at the scars from the strawberries they picked for 12 hours a day as merely a sign post tot he lift that they are currently living now.

As Our Paradigm stated, I do truly and utterly believe that 1 person can change the world. because when that 1 person does believe that they can, the belief becomes infectious…and the energy takes a life of its own, and other people start to see that it is possible too. When this happens, that one person has inspired many and the world does change.  It has happened again and again. This picture alone shows that this is possible…time and time again.

Yes, I watched a man get killed on my front porch because of gang violence. My house was a victim of a drive by shooting. Some of my best friends have since been slaughtered because they decided to “claim” or “rep” the wrong color or wrong side.

But what I did see is that these kids, there gangs were merely acting out the normality of our own culture. We are asked to pick sides all the time.  What country do you claim?  What state do you claim?  Was the “thing” that happened right or wrong?

Then I read articles like this, where a group of young ladies changed the way a million dollar magazine industry looks at women and pictures of women.

How many people did this?  1…that’s right…1

One young lady started it all.  Look at that, it actually happened. We are now watching change happen!

So I ask you:

Can we stop poverty?

Can we stop Domestic violence?

Can we stop rape and sexual assault?

Can we stop bullying?

Can we stop world hunger?

Can we stop war, needless killing, and the destruction of humanity?

Can we stop gender inequality?

Can we stop the complete destruction of our earth and the animals on it?



Look at the post articles on this blog. They highlight people who are doing just that.

So Shelba….can one person reinvent the world. Can one person change the world?

You are doing it…so it must be so!

What are you doing?





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