Scary stats – help end them!

These facts are so accurate it’s scary.

We need to do something about this. I know, it’s too big of a problem for just a few people to do something about. Interesting enough, Bill McKibben took a few camera people on vacation with him and they made a small documentary that turned into a larger one. Now, he is making a major difference with

So what can you do?
1. Reblog this!

2. Start recycling everything.

3. Check out the no impact project.

4. Start talking to people about this. The basic sales stats say that if you talk to 10 people8 will say no, 1 will be interested, and 1 will buy. This si the same with motivating and changing the world.  Talk to everyone!!! I mean it is everyone’s earth…right?

5. Friend, like, and do anything to support organizations that are doing something about this.

6. Clean up the beaches.

7. Ptrotest!  Look around, people are destroying the earth everywhere.

8. Celebrate – Celebrate the people who are helping end this problem. Blog about them, take pictures, inspire others!



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