AVON Foundation for Women

Please speak out! If you’re going to buy the stuff avon sells…might as well buy it from avon and help end Domestic Violence

Deliberate Donkey

My mailbox was full yesterday and that never happens. Low and behold there was a box taking up all the space. I knew it had to be something good from the return address. These are expert purchasers, you see, they have a talent for noticing little things that will put a smile on someone’s face.

Inside the box was a bag. Inside the bag was 2 boxes. Inside the boxes was a symbol of support. I’m not one to cry, I prefer cursing to crying, but I teared up when I saw the boxes and tears flowed when I opened one and saw the beauty.

It went a little like this: where is the open strip? nevermind, get a knife. oh? there’s a bag. use the scissors. oo! 2 boxes. Avon? Domestic Violence? (watery eyes) what is this? open box. tears.

AVON launched this program, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, in…

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