Creepy connie, Disney, and promoting teen dating violence

Admist a fan fare of laughter from the tweens in the room, coupled witht he laughter from the TV, and the happy music this shocking DV scene inspired this blog.


There is a show on Disney channel called Jessie. The simple premise of the show:

There are two parents that are too busy to be at home with their biological and adopted children because of their film and modeling careers. Therefore they hire multiple caretakers to deal with their 4 children. Jessie is the only one that they like and has stayed.

The show introduced at charachter named “Creepy Connie”. This charachter is the definition of an abusive girlfriend. She wants only one of the kids, NICK, and she will do anything to get him.  Anything means punching through steel lockers, causing other girls to “fall down three flights of stairs”, “superglue a wrench to her braces”, and even “put her in a body cast” all in order to get Nick to kiss her.

The particular episode is called “Creepy Connies Curtain Call”, Season 1, Episode 23,  where Connie wants…

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