Light everyone’s candle and we all burn brighter

1 candle!

Many people looking for light…holding onto their candle for dear life!

From one candle you can light 100 (depending on the size of the candle)..if you speak to people about the change they can create, or the way they can make theirs or others’ life better, you have enlightened them…you have lit their candle.

Yesterday I lit 15 candles.

I spoke to a room full of chairs and 7 people…I lit 7 candles.

I spoke to 35 people in the middle of a church  rectory. they didn’t want to listen to me, but if was nice that they came. At the end, they all came and shook my hand and told me how motivational and inspiring I was. I explained…I’ve only succeeded if they do something to make their community better in some way.  Within minutes, there was a meal planned out for the local homeless shelter. I lit 35 candles.

I spoke to6 people on Friday who were depressed with the news that they will loose their jobs in a few months. They now believe that this change is a door of opportunity opening up for them….I lit 6 candles.

How many candles have you lit today?




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