10 random acts of kindness

Here’s a challenge….do 10 acts of kindness, and post them to your blog or facebook…then challenge everyone to do the same. How many can we truly get to happen…..1000’s if you want to.

Here are my 10 acts of kindness I did today:
1. Took over recycling at work
2. pushed a car for someone..
3. Brought in 8 people’s trash cans.
4. took out 3 people’s trash cans.
5. Taught 80 people about healthy relationships.
6. Sent 5 thank you notes.
7. Told 20 people thank you for doing their job, because it’s made my life better.
8.Sent reki around the world.
9. Wrote a piece for someone who needed it.
10. Stopped and thanked 2 men doing road work and told them that they are valued and I appreciated what they were doing



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