Motivating for positive change

Be the light to guide the way of change!

A few stories from my daily life, and how I pull this philosophy that I share with everyone into my daily life.  See, the stuff I write about and speak about, is my life….and I truly believe that if all of us were doing something in our world to make the world a better place…we could change their world.

Correction…We ARE Changing he world!

Your light will shine on through everyone that meets the person you have helped!

I was driving down the road, and in front of a dilapidated apartment building were two women talking over morning coffee.  One of the women was crying so hard the tears were flowing through her fingers as she held her head in her hands. I was sitting at a light directly across from them. I looked over and watched this scene for a moment…and the first thing that came to mind was: This si the reason I don’t listen tot he radio when I’m driving. As soon as that radio goes on…you’re right there distracted and great thiongs are totally missed.

A beautiful bird singing. The screech of an eagle (yes, that’s right an eagle) as it passes over. The beautiful clouds as they float slowly by and make shapes that you swear are there just for you to see.

I said to the ladies – I hope you have a great day.

They looked at me with the worst “drop dead” look I’ve seen and if looks could hurt, I would have been. They yelled…What the Fuck did you say?

Knowing they saw me merely as a street harasser (God, I hate men that do that!) I said again – I truly hope you have a good day. I hope you can find a smile today.

Both ladies smiled. That’s awesome the woman who was crying said as she wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. The light turned green and as I looked in the rear view mirror…she was full of smiles and hopefully…hope!


I was standing at a gas station filling up my gas…as one does at a gas station. 🙂 Out of the corner of my eye I saw something drop over at a young lady’s car. I watched for a moment, but didn’t see anything ont he ground. As soon as she closed her door, I saw that her debit card was sitting under her car ready to be ran over and stolen.

I stopped pumping and ran over to her. I picked it up and gave it to her and she was astonished and thankful. I explained that’s just what we’re suppose to do. She smiled and drove.  I was happy for the smile and the fact that she now had her card. Suddenly as I watched the car drive away, she stopped for a moment and gave the kid who had just pushed his bike up tot he air pump a quarter to fill up his tire. It was like I was watching one of those insurance commercials where everyone sees someone else do a nice thing and then they do something for someone…then it comes full circle,. As you know it always long as you’re not doing the nice thing for that specific reason. It was awesome to see.

Then I was pushed hard enough to cause me to take a step. A young man stood there explaining me in an extremely loud voice that I had messed it up for him. He was ready to take her card. I explained the idea of right and wrong and that right is respectful and kind, wrong…isn’t. Then I asked him if he wanted respect…when he said he did, I explained that no matter what…stealing was disrespectful.

I walked back over to my car, fully expecting the kid to yell at me, hit me, or something. Sure enough, within minutes he was right in my face as I was pumping gas. He was very upset that I stopped him from being able to get gas for his scooter. At that exact moment, the pump clicked…my tank was full with $4 left. When I asked him how much his scooter took…he said $4. I smiled and gave him the gas. He didn’t know what to say and I drove off leaving him dumbfounded with my words in his head: This is the way we’re all suppose to be. Be WEll and do good.

We must always be on the look out for the opportunity to help others, teach, educate, or be the change we want to see in the world. The more people we motivate for positive change, the more people will do things to help others.

How are you creating positive change?





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