Pat Robbinson tells man to beat his wife – Really?

Can you believe this is 2012 and a man is telling a person on TV where thousands upon thousands of people are watching…and he says….well the post already says it.

If you are looking for a cause to get behind, this is the cause.
But how can you help end domestic violence? The easiest way is to talk to every single person you know that it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in your world.

Wear purple! Purple is domestic violence awareness color. Wear purple and tell everyone what it means and why it is so important!

Find a domestic violence shelter around you. All shelters are run off of grants and donations. They are always in need of supplies and help. The most needed supplies that are shelters constantly run out of are:
feminine products (pad, tampons, etc)
laundry soap (Find out if they have to use special soap)
shampoo and conditioners
dish washing liquid
fabric softener

You can also volunteer, write a blog, put it up on face book once a week,

Finally, you can write to every company that seemingly promotes sexism and violence towards women..which are factors that lead to he acceptability of the heinous act.


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