When we are positive…we are that positive energy!

After watching this video…we can never ever be the same!

Negative words and phrases towards others does create harm, destruction and hurt.  Most of the violence in the world is caused by just such negativity!

Negative self talk and negative opinions hurt us! They hurt the way we are, the way we exist, the way we feel…and our health!

Stop the negative talk…positivity is the only option!





  1. After watching this video and another one linked to it with commentary, I asked my husband to do an experiment. I asked him how he was feeling, and he said he had a sore throat. I asked him to breathe slowly and as he inhaled I gave him positive words and short prayers to say in his head. As he exhaled, I asked him to let go of anything that was blocking him. The fact that he did this was extraordinary in itself. At the end, his sore throat was gone. But the biggest thing was, there was a connection was born between us that has not been there for years.

    Another thing I noticed is that where he has used words like “Love and Appreciation”, the crystal formed was in the exact shape of a monstrance containing a host. I don’t know if you know what that is so I will try to explain. In Christianity, put in simple terms, there are Catholics and Orthodox churches, and then there are all the other churches which formed from 1,500 years later and are still emerging. In the C an O churches, we believe that the communion bread or “host”, is not a symbol of Jesus, but actually is Jesus present. We do a kind of meditation that involves sitting in front of this bread in silence, receiving his love and graces. Physical healings and more importantly, emotional, mental and spiritual healings occur.

    Peace, namaste…

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