Get the airlines to recycle!

A lot of people travel.

A lot of people fly.

Ever wonder what the airlines are doing to help the world? The answer sadly is…not much.

Airlines are working so hard to make a profit, doing other things to help places and things that don’t involve giving money as a sponsor , they just aren’t very interested. In fact, the only thing that they have done in a very large way is changing the exhaust system int heir airliners. Now, they have a lot less emissions into the air than they use to. (From my heart to theirs…thank you!) But what about all the other ways that they can be recycling or doing something to help?

Oddly, it’s just vacant.

This is where you, the agent of change, comes in. What can you do?  They could be recycling all of their plastic cups. Think about the mass amounts that they actually use on a one day basis, how about a year?  The numbers are crazy. Artist Chris Jordan, who has appeared in this blog before,  has depicted this(remember, this is a picture of cups not just lines):

Chris Jordan’s art asking the airlines to recycle.

They could actually be recycling 500 million more pounds than they are right now. In fact, if you want to look at inflight recycling only…it would be an additional 250 million pounds of trash.

The weight of the statue of liberty is only 450,000 lbs compared to 250,000,000

450,000 pounds

Do something now:

  1. Send letters to airlines to change their recycling habits, give them ideas of what they can do, and volunteer to help them at your nearby airport.
  2. Create a petition on-line via and do something about it.
  3. For the real leaders – Start a nonprofit or partner with an organization that is working/will work to change this.

Remember, you don’t have to be the only person doing this. You just have to be the person who believes in changing things, and others will help you..I promise!

What other ways could we carry this message out?


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