Start a pet pantry!

Pets, pets, pets!!!

Do you have pets?  Do you know others have pets? Do you know how much it costs to pay for pets?

A 20lb bag of pedigree is about $25-30. That’s not counting the shots and flea medicine and heart worm medicine and etc!

For a lot of people, the world is changing. The economy is changing, and a lot of people are out of a job. It is my belief that there is a way to make money, a job, and a way to make anything happen…in fact, I have a lot of ideas to do just that. But I’m different than most. Many people are feeling and experiencing this economic crunch in many many harsh ways.

In addition to all of this,  climate change isn’t helping anyone (including the human race, but that goes without saying). For people in the dessert world, it’s getting hotter and drier. The waters and creeks are rising, and hurricanes are destroying many many people’s lives. The blizzards are keeping people out of their jobs and absent in their normal life, and the eventual thaws are washing homes and lives away.

Economics and climate change, and so much more are changing the normal family and household throughout the world. This isn’t all…but this article isn’t about all the problems that are going on in the world. That type of conversation is way too big for any one blog entry, but is often talked about around park benches and trash can fires.

However, this article is about the many animals that are feeling this sting because of their humans feeling this sting.

Many human parents are hurting because they can’t afford to feed their animal children. Most people who have animals do anything and everything they can to make sure their pets are fed…but what happens when they can’t?  Many people would say it’s time to get rid of the animals.

How sad is this!!?? Animals are not “things” you can get rid of when it gets too hard. If you feel the same way.. then this is your calling!

Do something:

  1. Start a pet pantry. Yes a pet pantry…it’s a food pantry for animals. You get dog food, cat food, etc donated and give it out to the animal owners who truly need it.
  2. Locate the pet pantries in your area. Give them donations, get people to donate to them, and ask organizations to help supply them. Many of your local pet stores would no doubt love to help.. they throw tons of this stuff away every day.(Note: Ask the small local pet stores)
  3. Volunteer at a local pet pantry.
  4. Get others to help you help pet pantries.


What else could you do to help families that are being forced to get rid of their animals because of difficult situations?



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