Chad Herman – Motivating for Positive Change

Chad Herman lives and works under a very simple business model: Motivate and inspire as many people as possible to realize how valuable they truly are, and how much they can do in their life and their community to make our world a better place. No matter who you are, you have a talent and an ability to do something/anything to help make the moment, the day, the week, the month, or even the year a little beter for a cause, a group, or an organization that is desperately in need of your help and your time in order to make a difference. We are all agents of change, and Chad shows you just how important and how talented you really are.

If you are reading this post, you have arrived at the Motivating For Positive change blog…please remember to friend or like me on Facebook. The facebook and the blog are here to not only create a way to enhance and continue motivating people to change the world, but also to advertise the many different causes that are out there that everyone of us could become part of.

When we become part of a cause, we begin the first steps of changing the way things are. When we take those first steps, it’s amazing the things that come into our life to create true positive change.

Someone asked me what topics I could and do speak on… they are:

Topics Chad can speak on:

Promoting peace and nonviolence

Prevention of Domestic violence

Changing the world

Climate Change



-Reiki (Chad is a Reki master)

General motivation

Motivating people to do something to change their community

Team building

General Inspiration

Teen self esteem building

Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Bullying prevention

Random Acts of Kindness

The importance of a thank you


I can go all over the world speaking to whomever you would like me to.  The most important thing is to create and motivate for positive change. This is my living, this is my way of life….motivating for positive change is not just my motivational speaking career – it is what I do 24 hours a day (I don’t sleep much.)

Hire Chad Herman and begin motivating for positive change.




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